App for Nursery kids to Learning English Alphabets & Numbers. A to z & 1 to 20


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Nov 8, 2019

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Alphabet & Number for Nursery APP

-App have English alphabets with picture and presentation.

-Implementation of A to Z and numbers 1-20 with pictures.

Alphabet Activity:-
Know each latter. Click on it to make sounds.
-Shown lower case letter at bottom .
-Click next button to cont.

Numbers Activity:-
Know each number. Click on it to sounds.
-Shown counting images at left.
-Click next button to cont next.

Writing Small and Capital latter:
-Given marking with numbers and dash line to guide.
-Trace finger along the dash lines.
-Provided background like writing book pages with tree line for small and two line for big.
-Use different color for painting.
-Use brush with size.
-You can save the images to phone storage after completion.

Tracing / Writing Numbers :
-Writing numbers from 1 to 20 are given.
-Guide dot lines are provided to trace.
-Start point is shown with black filled Dot.

Parent Setting:
For primary kids, teaching zero is usually very hard than counting and other early number awareness. So zero (0) is not included in default app. You can show zero number with clicking check box in setting option.
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