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Thank you for visiting our app. We want to make it clear to you that Bpexch is not a betting app. bpexch is Pakistan's number-one online betting exchange website. Nowadays, online sports betting exchanges are very popular in Pakistan. You know that online sports betting websites and exchanges are known to be illegal in Pakistan, and the Google Play Store also does not support online sports betting. Since Bpexch is becoming very popular in Pakistan, some people are also doing a lot of fraud on common users by taking advantage of it. So let's be aware of this and what online sports betting is. We have designed this app for its pros and cons and market awareness. So that you can neither cheat nor be harmed. Further, let us tell you about ourselves. We don't do real-money transactions; we only provide awareness of the platform and login with the intention of giving knowledge to the user through a demo account. And on the demand of the user, artificial money is generated in it with the help of the net; you can also call it tokens; they are given by adding. So that the user is aware of these apps and websites in every respect. We want to upload our app to the Google Play Store with good intentions and without greed. So that we can benefit people and give them information, we can earn some money by watching ads with the help of Google Admob. We request that Google Play approve our app. Thanks
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