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UpdatedJun 15, 2020 (3 weeks ago)
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- Online Application Form
Allow staff to apply online direct to your staff records using online application form which can be accessed from your existing website.

- Reduce Costs
By eliminating paper application forms, all the costs associated with chasing references by letter (envelopes and stamps – including SAEs, letters, ink, time etc...) and getting staff to sign printed policy documents/contracts.

- Increased accuracy and completeness of staff records
Staff upload images of required documents (e.g. ID/Proof of address etc…) direct from their smart phone camera apps/home computer.

- Increase due diligence and reduce paper even further
Policy documents hosted online, so staff can “digitally sign” to confirm acceptance of your policies.

- More efficient reference checking
References (personal employment) sent automatically from application. Referees can supply references online by clicking on a link to view an interactive response form.

- Fully flexible and customised to your needs
Ability to define custom fields/questions to suit your business requirements.

Even add aptitude or numeracy/literacy tests to your online application form.

- Live credit, DBS and driving licence checks
Credit reference checks carried out within 4 seconds live directly with all major agencies. DBS checks can be sent directly and access directly to the new DVLA online verification portal.

- Full HR management, and training/qualification tracking
Log different types of records/events such as training records or disciplinary records against staff records and specify expiry dates and reminders for them.

- Smart data analysis to reduce fraud and save you time:
Through our data sharing protocol, we are able to cross reference applicant’s disclosed details against the information the same applicants have disclosed to our other clients (without disclosing any of yours or their information to each other), to detect occurrences of application fraud, and highlight areas (such as employment reference dates) which do not match what we know they have worked or previously disclosed. This enables you to be sure you are employing staff who can be relied upon and warns you of a potential issue for you to investigate further with the applicant.

Email: support@continuum247.com

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