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NameChemistry APK
Version3.9 (54)
UpdatedAug 16, 2021
DeveloperDenis Chaschin
CategoryApps, Education

Chemistry App

Solve chemical reactions, use Periodic Table and many other chemical schemes

The Chemistry application allows you to find chemical reactions and to solve the chemical equations with one or multiple unknown variables. You'll always have Mendeleev's Periodic Table and Solubility table handy! And even the calculator of Molar Masses is now on your phone!

The app can find the equations of chemical reactions even if the right or left part is unknown, it helps you with organic and inorganic chemistry. The discovered reactions will be displayed in a usual and ionic form. Organic chemistry formulas are drawn by the app.

Convenient interactive Mendeleev's Periodic table. Tap a chemical element in the table to find more information about it.

The calculator of molar masses. Enter a chemical compound correctly and it will show molar masses and percentages of elements.

The table of solubility of substances is added to the app. Now your textbooks become waste!

All these tables and charts are available in the app for free:

* Solubility table
* Electronegativities of the elements
* Molecular masses of organic substances
* Reactivity series of metals.

The best solver of chemical equations for Android.

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