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Jun 23, 2024

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Chookys Coalville UK APP

5 benefits of ordering via our own app:
1. Our takeaway app is the easiest way to order food and support your favorite local restaurant.
2. Forget printed menus. Order food on the go, wherever you are.
3. You can customize your own meals with different toppings, just like you would do in the restaurant.
4. Simply pay online, your credit card and personal information are always safe with us.
5. You can choose pickup/delivery time that suits you best!

How it works:
Download our takeaway app and support us, your local takeaway, in 3 easy steps!

1. Simply open the app.
2. Select food and beverages from our latest menu.
3. Place your order – easy as 1 2 3!

Our app takes the hassle out of ordering takeaway. You won’t be stuck looking for printed menus, dialing on the phone and hearing busy tone, or searching for us among hundreds of takeaway restaurants on outdated external food portals. With our app, you can now order DIRECTLY from your phone in seconds. Use our app to order your takeaway and enjoy a growing number of benefits!
Bon APPétit
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