Court Piece known as Rang, Hukam, Rung, Hokm, Koat Pees, Coat Piece, Cort.


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Aug 22, 2023

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Court Piece - Rang, Hokm, Coat GAME

Court Piece is very popular in India and Pakistan, also known as Rung is the most played & favorite card game. The game is played by four players in two teams. It is also known as Court Piece, Coat Piece, Coat Pees, Hokum, Rung, Band Rung, Kot Pees.
How to play:  
* The game Court Piece/Rang is very interesting game. It requires four players to play this game.
* Court Piece game is played with a full standard deck of 52 cards. the cards in each suit ranking from high to low A-K-Q-J-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2.
* A trump selector gets five cards to call the Trump/Rung. Once he calls trump, the cards are distributed in the batch of 5,4,4 to each player.
* Each player will have 13 cards before the beginning of the game. The first turn is of trump selector thus trump selector is the Round starter of 1st round
 1. Single Sir: Game will be played with all basic rules. The team who won seven tricks wins the game. 
2. Double Sir: Player must have to win two consecutive tricks until then the tricks pile up in the center. When a player does win two consecutive tricks, that player takes all the cards from the center.   
3. Double Sir With Ace: Player who wins two consecutive tricks with aces is not entitled to pick them up. The trick with second Ace is not counted as winning trick.

How To Win:
Players must follow suit if possible, and the highest trump, or the highest card of the suit led, takes the trick. The winner of a trick leads to the next trick.
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