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Digger Classic APK

Digger Classic - The Authentic Digger Experience from the golden age of gaming.

Version1.7 (8)
UpdatedDec 11, 2015 (5 years ago)
CategoryGames, Arcade

Digger Classic - The authentic Digger experience.
This version of the good old DOS-game Digger, now on Android, is not a remake, but is based on the Java port (by Marek Futrega) of Andrew Jenner's reverse-engineered open-source version of Digger for DOS. This makes for an authentic Digger experience with exact gameplay, just as you remember it from the good old days. Eg bags will not fall down when moving up on them from below (and you may reverse-shoot when doing this).
The Android port is developed and made available by Runar Holen. It is provided free of charge and with no ads. For more info about Digger, visit
You may also play Digger online at

What's New

1.7: License info and link to source code on github is now included. (You may now implement better controllers by downloading the source and sending pull request to github repository ;-) )
1.6: By request, added an on-screen menu-button, as device menubutton is deprecated in newer android versions.
1.5: By request, the controls may be on the right side too.
1.4: The long-awaited SOUND update!
1.3: Added two new control types!


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