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💧Water Drinking Reminder = Drink Water Tracker + Water Intake Record💧

Drink Water Reminder - reminds you to drink water on time! Always drink water with this daily water drinking reminder with alarm and record your water intake with this water tracker. Drink water with water drinking reminder and water tracker will keep your body in healthy condition. Download Drink Water Reminder and hydration app to drink water now!

You could stay water hydrated as long as you have a drink reminder, hydration tracker and drink water reminder app! Daily using this water drinking reminder to drink water and recording your daily water intake with water calculator and drink water with water tracker free will keep your body in healthy condition

-Want to be healthy and vibrant?
-Want to detoxify your body and be beautiful?
-Want young skin full of moisture and bursting with life?

The great power of daily water comes with regular daily water intake. Get Water Drinking Reminder app, hydration tracker and drink water tracker, start to drink water and record your daily water intake!

Core Features of Water Drinking Reminder:
💧Everyday Water Drinking Reminder
💧Records of Daily Water Intake
💧Customizable Water Cup
💧No reminder during sleep time

Drink Water Reminder app is your faithful drinking water pal & hydration tracker. Drink Water Reminder alarms you to drink water in time. Records of Daily Water Intake feature in water drinking reminder with alarm records your drinking water status. You can drink water and rewrite water intake records in water drink reminder and hydration app. And you could customize your drinking cup for different capacity in this hydration tracker, water tracker free and daily water drinking reminder app.

Water Drink Reminder – your personal drink water tracker.
❓How daily water drinking reminder works?
Drink Water Reminder - Your exclusive drinking water alarm clock, water calculator and hydration tracker, monitor you to drink water. Water Drinking Reminder will make your skin burst with life and keep your body in shape!
Daily Water Intake - Your water butler. Customize your daily water intake and regulate your water alarm by recording how often you drink water and how much water you drink in this water drinking reminder app.
Daily target – Drink water every day and keep a healthy drinking water balance with hydration tracker. Help you drink water and build a proper water diet by tracking your daily water drinking habits and water intake in this drink water tracker and daily water drinking reminder.
Custom Water Cup – switch the size of the water cup easily in this drink reminder.

Don't know how much water to drink in a day?
-It doesn't matter. Drink Water Reminder has a special cup for you and it’s a water calculator. Just choose your favorite cup to drink water in water drinking reminder and start recording your daily water intake in hydration tracker!

Don't know when to drink water?
-Don't worry. Water drinking reminder with alarm is also a drink water tracker free, it will keep a record of your drinking habits and remind you to drink more water on time.

Don't know if Water Reminder works?
-Take it easy. Get a cup and start to drink water, try to record your water intake today with hydration tracker, drink water reminder & water drinking reminder app.

Drink water to keep fit with this daily water drinking reminder and hydration app. And drink water to be healthy using this water drink reminder and drink water tracker free!

Water Reminder app is always here by your side, and water calculator calculates how much water you need and reminds you to drink water on time. Try to record your daily water intake and keep a well water balance with hydration tracker and water drinking reminder now.

Ok, high time to drink water, drink water to water your body with this drink reminder, hydration tracker & water drinking reminder app. Your health is worth it!

What's New

- Backup your water drinking records to Google Drive so if you change your phone, your records are safe.

Keep track and keep fit!

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