Epic multiplayer turn based card/board game.


Latest Version

Jul 24, 2022

Duelyst GAME

Duelyst GG is a unique hybrid 1v1 card game where you play your units and spells onto a board. You can pick from different generals with unique Bloodbound spells from 6 factions. All 800+ cards are unlocked so you can play anything you want from the start.

Duelyst is highly competitive and cross platform, you will be competing against thousands of other players. Face them in Ladder 1v1 or draft a deck and fight in the gauntlet. Apart from Steam, Duelyst GG can be played on iPhone and Android all using the same account.

While Duelyst GG is fully functional on the gameplay front, we are still working on the UI and User experience. New features are added at a rapid pace. Soon we plan on releasing a roguelike deck builder for single player too.

For those who played the original Duelyst; Duelyst GG was written from scratch based off the last patch. From there we have balanced and added new cards. This means 1 draw and Bloodbound Spells are in. But old bugs like broken Vale Ascension and annoying ddos decks are out.
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