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Sep 1, 2023
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Fake Chat Maker - WhatsMessage APP

Fake Chat Conversation app is not a real chat app. This is a fake chat maker you can joke with your friends by creating fake chats and stories.

You can make jokes to your friends using the fake chat app. After creating a fake chat, take screenshots and send them to your friends.

What You can do with the fake chat app:
* You can joke with your friends.
* You can talk to your imaginary friends with fake chat.
* You can surprise your friends on social media.
* Unlimited and free use.

fake chat features:

* Easily edit mutual conversations
* Choose the side of the fake message
* Create unlimited fake chat
* Sending fake audio recordings
* Fake search feature
* New emoji support
* You can edit every detail
* Easily take a screenshot of your fake chat
* The size of the Fake Chat Conversation is very small.
* You can rearrange dates, contacts and fake chat.
* Read-unread information
* Incoming fake message count indicator
* Change fake chat background
* Change font sizes in fake chat.
* Fake profile
* Fake voice messages
* Fake calls

Note: The Fake Chat Conversation app is a prank app. It is not a real chat app. It only allows you to create fake chats.

DISCLAIMER: This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and is not affiliated with any other messaging app in any way. This app does not try to compete with or replace the original.

Have Fun!
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