Gunfire Strike is a third-person zombie shooting game. Survive to the last!


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Oct 27, 2023

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Gunfire strike GAME

In 2048, a plague swirled over every corner of the world. The plague was aimed at all living creatures, making them zombies. After they were infected, these ferocious creatures would attack other residents indiscriminately. To deal with such an emergency, Bases have been built up global-wide, and you, one of the heroes for world peace, are ready to rescue more survivors and find out the truth behind...

Game Features:
-Hundreds of levels incorporated
You will have to face endless hordes of zombies while you are trying to reach the real truth of the event. There are a large variety of monsters, some with special abilities beyond your imagination. The boss at the end of each level is meticulously designed.

-Ultra-modern weapons
To fight against super-nature creatures, you may need some firearm support. You are allowed to carry three weapons at the same time and they can be switched at will. Different types of sniper rifles, automatic rifles, shotguns, etc are waiting for you to unlock.

-Vehicles, jetpacks, and customizable appearance
Except for guns, super cool Motorcycles and jetpacks will make your adventure more convenient. Fashionable clothes are also available. Get some costumes to make your character stand out from the crowd.

-Smooth control
In this third-person shooting game, you may choose to use auto-aiming scheme or control your skills and weapons by yourself.

-1v1, Free Fight, and Survival Mode
Zombies are not the only rivals. You may also compete against other players in different arenas. Arm yourself and remember the only principle, survival of the fittest.
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