Honda Connect offers numerous functions that help you along the way.


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Jan 30, 2023
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Honda Connect steps into the future of driving with confidence. For safety and happiness in every journey
Through the operation of mobile applications, smart phones and remote data transmission box (TCU) installed in cars Just the touch of a finger You and your car will be able to connect and communicate intelligently. As if having a personal assistant in the car in your hand

Honda Connect's outstanding functionality
"Car Status" Check the status of your car to ready to travel comfortably.
"Airbag status" coordination for assistance in the event of an airbag running
"Show car coordinates" Check car coordinates Or receive notifications via the application In the case of moving vehicles Or power cut
"Service status" shows the next scheduled check. Including maintenance alerts So your car is always ready
"Driving information" allows you to understand your driving habits. For more confident and safe driving And share the travel log with photos online So you can forward the good moments instantly
"Message" Notifying news and promotions So you don't miss good things For a special life

Honda CONNECT Generation 3 for Honda City Turbo only.
Additional functions for increased convenience such as
 - Remote commanding system with no distance restriction including Lock-unlock, start the car with open air conditioning system And turning on the light signal
 - Define driving limits
 - Speed ​​alert
 - Connect to the wireless internet signal from the car in car Wi-Fi

Honda Connect, all your driving is made up of good stories every day.
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