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Nov 17, 2020
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Instachat 😜 APP

Instachat is the best way to chat with friends, meet nice people, and be online together with a single tap.

Join the millions on Instachat today. It's different!

NOTE REGARDING NEGATIVE REVIEWS: The recent negative 1-star reviews are from users who have been permanently banned for posting inappropriate images, links soliciting sexual behavior, and/or those who misbehave and do not follow the rules.

NOTE: This app is intended for ADULT-ONLY AUDIENCES! If you are a minor, please do not install this app!


Main Features:

☆ Very Secure with SMS Verification!
☆ NEW TERMS OF USE (See below)
☆ Private chat rooms for your friends
☆ Public chat rooms to meet people
☆ Secure Private Messaging
☆ Send Disappearing Photos and Messages
☆ Block people that need to be blocked. Long press their post.
☆ Like the messages you love
☆ Lots of smiley emojis and friends

TERMS OF USE: You agree NOT to post abusive, threatening, racist, bullying comments, photos or any objectionable content. You also agree NOT to post sexually aggressive or degrading comments towards any other community member or participant regardless of their age, gender, race, or sexual orientation. You also agree NOT to attempt to engage in any improper relationships. Pedophilia is illegal and strictly prohibited and such behaviours will not be tolerated. If you violate any of these terms, you will be permanently banned from using this app and any objectionable content you post can be used against you.

LASTLY, all the negative reviews have been dealt with. Some were valid, but many of those reviews came from those people who were banned for violating the rules and belonged to trolls.
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