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... Joins the Battle! - Meme Generator APK

Create the well known character introduction Memes yourself with this app!

Version2.2.2 (2002002)
UpdatedApr 10, 2019 (2 years ago)
DeveloperMr. Unp3rf3ct
CategoryApps, Art & Design

This App aims to reproduce the well known character introduction Meme images from various trailers. Now truly everyone can be everywhere!

- This app is not affiliated with any other entity or company besides the developer! -

Please make sure your images are in an acceptable location (Path consisting mostly of latin characters) and that your desired location is accessible (Camera roll on some phones is protected and unaccessible)

You can open a custom image to be displayed/moved/rotated, edit the name of the character and the slogan and move it into the right place. Shear the text perspective and scale it to your liking and more.
Choose between the style and pick from the provided color pallets or create your own pallet to underline you artwork! Save as a .PNG and hope your dream character come true!


Q: Are you affiliated with XYZ?
A: Unless specifically mentioned this app is not affiliated with any other entity or company. All elements which could lead you to belive can be customized to the users liking, others creations do not reflect the app, it's creator or any other work/entity mentioned in generated content.

Q: It crashes, please help!
A: Try moving the file you were trying to open to another location (internal memory). Crash causing locations are: Recycling bin, External SD Cards, "Safes"

Q: It doesn't have XYZ!
A: The app only has the features which are advertised above. Don't complain about "missing" things if they aren't really missing. Watch the video if you want to see their functions and don't just make assumptions on how complex those functions should be. Im always open for requests though. Thank you.

Q: It doesn't output animation/video/gif!
A: No, and is not supposed to do that. As seen in the trailer video you can only output images in the static .PNG format. These images are at least 1080 pixels tall.

Q: Why is permission XYZ required?
A: Read from storage: To open a picture
Write to storage: To save a picture
Internet: To open hyperlinks

What's New

- new style "Thumbnail"
- smaller bug fixes
- font resolution upgrade
- dynamic soft shadow generation for thumbnails
- fixed spanish letters again
- preperations for anti aliasing
- preperations for video export (coming soonish)


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