Bring the Android Kitkat 4.4 UI to your Android Jelly Bean device.


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Mar 6, 2016
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Kitkat 4.4 CM10 Theme APP

- You need a rooted phone to use this theme with Jelly Bean (that's a must)
- You need a ROM with the Theme Chooser Engine to apply it.

1. Download the app and install it
2. Go to Settings>Themes (or the Themes section of your custom rom)
(If you don't have this option you are probably not using a custom rom)
3. Swipe and select Android Kitkat 4.4
4. Apply it
5. Reboot your phone/tablet to make all the changes

Don't review or give bad ratings if you don't know how to use it or don't know how to root your phone,
I will not reply to them because they are not review of the product.
Instead, do a search with Google or ask here for support:

- Use a Launcher that supports theme (GEL Google Experience Launcher, Kitkat Launcher..)
- Use a ROM that lets you change the opacity of them,
or install the XPOSED FRAMEWORK:
with a status bar module like gravitybox:

Created for XHDPI, HDPI and XXHDPI devices,
with this theme you can feel all the sweet Kitkat style on Android Jelly Bean too!

Your Jelly Bean phone/tablet UI will become similar to the new Android 4.4 interface,
with the graphics of the new version of your favorite OS, with:

- Original Nexus5 wallpaper included
- Original 4.4 style: no custom inspired themed apps, only original/per-pixel created content.
- with skinned Calculator, Deskclock widget.
- Custom ROMS toggles like the 4.4 original toggles interface, with orange icons for not full signal,
exactly like Kitkat.
- Framework buttons, backgrounds, bars like the original Kitkat.
- With the new Overscroll lights, glow dividers
- Only original Kitkat icons, they are not much, I'm sorry!
- Only original HOLO BLUE and HOLO WHITE colors!

This theme is AOSP - CM10.2 - AOKP - Paranoid Android Compatible.
Please report any bug before rate the theme, you will help me to continue to make this theme better, thanks!


* Error: "Theme unproperly compiled" *
- Apply the original System theme, reboot the Phone/Tablet and apply Android Kitkat 4.4

* Error: "The* Status Bar Clock color is Blue *
- Your ROM should have some setting to change the color of the clock, find it and use the white.

* Error: "This theme is missing assets for your device's screen resolution" *
- select "Apply Anyway" (that's a issue of the theme chooser app, the theme has everything required)

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