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Sep 30, 2022

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Languager; Learn Language Fast APP

Free access to new learning language tools. Languager; Learn Language Fast app is the best app you can learn thousands of new words, phrases, and idioms anywhere anytime even offline! Turn your phone or tablet into a language learning reader with the "Languager; Learn Language Fast" App...

Languager; Learn Language Fast is helping you to study new and necessary structures for any language. If you don’t have much time, you could spend less time on the app. After that, you will catch up where you left off.

Download and start to learn about new languages. Discover brilliant topics and learn them with amazing card designs.

Some of the learning topics are Common expressions, Greetings, Travel, Directions, Numbers and money, Location, Phone/internet/mail, Time and dates, Accommodations, Dining, Making friends, Entertainment, Shopping, Communication, Difficulties, Emergency & Health, Cultural expressions/terms, General questions, Work, Weather, Verbs, and etc.

Every new learner always needs a different method to learn a language. We are here to show it to you.

Learner is a great tool for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Anyone can choose between 3 of them. Different levels for everyone's purpose.

Besides, learning a new language requires easy translation tools. "Languager; Learn Language Fast" app is providing it to you. You can translate words, phrases, or idioms easily and accurately.

Our translation tools are text & voice, camera (object) and conversation (within 2 people) translates. Each of them can be used for different reasons. You can use them whenever they are necessary.

Besides, there is a brilliant feature that called Word Lock Screen. Word Lock Screen tool can be used for learn a new word or phrase by seeing it on the phone's lock screen. But, you must activate it before using it.

We also have added a game called Hangman. You can play Hangman effortlessly. You just need to find which word it should be.

Download and learn thousands of good phrases and idioms. You can add favorite sentences in our app. "Languager; Learn Language Fast is going to be your main app for daily usage.

Download Languager; Learn Language Fast app for learning a new language easy way. Remember besides, learning tools, there are translation tools...
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