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NameLearnBridge APK
Version2.1.19 (327)
UpdatedApr 26, 2021
DeveloperWesley May
CategoryGames, Card

LearnBridge Game

Learn to play Bridge with LearnBridge!

Learn to play Bridge with LearnBridge!

Bridge is the ultimate trick-taking game, similar to Hearts, Spades, or Euchre, but with deeper and more rewarding strategy. Join the tens of millions of people around the world who love to play!

Start by learning the rules and basic cardplay techniques, then learn about what really sets Bridge apart from other trick-taking games: bidding back and forth with your partner to determine how many tricks you can take, and what the best trump suit will be.

Over 1,600 interactive practice questions appear throughout the lessons, giving you a chance to test your knowledge and correct your mistakes.

New lessons are always in the works, so stay tuned for more content!
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