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Oct 2, 2020
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Learning numbers for kids - kids number games 👶 GAME

Educational games for kids kindergarten are the most popular way to study for kids nowadays and our memory games will help them in their preschool education.
"Learning numbers for kids" is one of our toddler educational games (juegos infantiles) that stands out from numerous kindergarten learning games. Our free offline math games for kids will teach the child to count 1 2 3 etc and also offer some mini numbers for toddlers games to fix the received knowledge.
Our kids apps being a part of our kindergarten math games are one of the best games for learning numbers. Kids number games are great way to play and learn preschool math.
Main advantages of our learning kids games:
Number games for toddlers for free will give the baby not only the initial knowledge of 123 numbers and math but also train fine motor skills, attentiveness, memory, intelligence, perseverance and persistence in achieving goals. All these things will help the kid study better at school in the near future.
Very bright and at the same time clear and intuitive interface, great graphics and realistic sounds. So even little kids will deal with the games for kids numbers easily and play it with a lot of fun and interest.
Little students can learn numbers in 7 languages - in English, Russian, Italian, French, German, Spanish (niños), Portuguese. The game is voices by native speakers with perfect pronunciation and clear diction. If a child knows names of numbers in other languages it will help him or her study foreign languages better as well as it will be useful during trips abroad.
Learning numbers for toddlers was designed as free educational games for kids bundle which includes baby counting, learn to count, toddler games free for 2 year olds. Your child education will be very fun with our kids games for boys and girls.
You can download preschool games for kids for free. Our free games save family budget and provide early toddler education of high quality.
How to play and begin to study kindergarten math:
Our app with letters offers children to learn to count numbers 0 to 9. This happens as follows: one of the numbers will appear in the center of the screen, followed by its proper pronunciation. The kid should carefully look at the number and repeat its name after the voice-over. It may be necessary to say the name of the number several times to pronounce it right. To re-listen to the number’s name it's enough to tap on this number. Then the child will see 3 contours, of which only one corresponds with the number shown. The child is to find the correct variant and drag the number to the chosen contour. If the choice is right, the number will flush with a bright color and the puzzle will go to the next step.
Now let’s test the received knowledge playing fun mini learning games. In the 1st game the baby is to recognize and find the given numeral among 8 different variants. For every task fulfilled correctly, the child will be rewarded. The 2nd mini-game offers kids to catch the writing numbers flying across the screen. The player needs to select only the numbers that correspond to the example shown on the right. Playing the 3d kind of puzzles, the baby should burst the bubble with the same number as shown in the center of the screen in the “sun”.
The game has been created in such a way that a child can learn numbers in the most comfortable game form. For this, children's teachers, psychologists and methodologists were involved in the development of the game. Skills and knowledge gained during the game will help children to master the material more quickly in further education. Games for kids 3 years free are waiting to be played.
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