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Jun 7, 2021

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Lens Buddy APP

Lens Buddy is a straightforward yet amazing timer camera app that will take pictures of you and your friends and family without the need to squeeze fastens or even hold the gadget. Just set your ideal time span between the shots and let the camera roll!

Leave your Bluetooth clicker home and do your own photoshoot!

Take your online media presence to a higher level! When you wrapped up taking your photos you can without much of a stretch rate your photos inside the app that will assist you with keeping or fare the best ones.

Quit taking screen captures from recordings - Lens Buddy offers better photos and simpler approach to take them!

Need to take a gathering photograph without having somebody forgotten about?

Is there nobody around to take an image of you?

It is safe to say that you are a substance maker or an independent voyager?

Needing building your Instagram feed?

Do you require the best self timer app accessible?

Basically put down your gadget on a protected spot and let Lens Buddy make your ideal shot!


* [NEW] Aspect proportion: You would now be able to snap your photos in one or the other square or wide measurements

* [NEW] Portrait mode (beta)

* [NEW] Autofocus will continue to follow you and ensures you stay in concentration

* [NEW] Sounds: Numerous audio cues and declarations help your photoshoot

* Takes better, sharp and top notch photos

* A clean, yet natural and simple to utilize interface

* A completely adaptable timer

* Burst mode for very quick photography

* Zoom, center, openness control

* Built-in exhibition to view, rate and arrange your photos

* Toggle between auto/on/off streak modes

* Switch among back and selfie cameras

* Save photos straightforwardly or send out later to your camera roll for filing

* Save photos locally in the app

* Show/shroud framework

* Dark mode support
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