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Dec 4, 2023
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Librus APP

The Librus mobile application for smartphones and tablets is intended for parents and students. It enables users to view the most important information from the LIBRUS Synergy solution. The new, clearer interface and Timeline view will make using the application quick and convenient.

With the Librus application, you can:
• monitor learning progress thanks to the Assessment module,
• check absences and lateness,
• have constant contact with the school thanks to the News function,
• check homework,
• monitor the most important events and information gathered in one Desk view,
• check the timetable, changes and replacements introduced to it,
• have access to the current school calendar and announcements,
• be up to date thanks to real-time data refreshment,
• mute application notifications at night thanks to the LIBRUS® peaceful night function,
• switch between multiple children's accounts without the need to log in to subsequent accounts each time - the Multikonto function,
• view data without access to the Internet (work in offline mode),
• personalize the appearance and operation of the application - the way you like it,
• configure Instant notifications.

Some of the indicated functions are available in the Mobile add-ons option for an additional fee.
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