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UpdatedDec 06, 2017 (3 years ago)
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Correct, summarize, translate, conjugate, analyze and extract information from any text.

With Linguakit to explore, analyze and obtain better information from texts and written documents is possible.
This multi-language application integrates all these linguistic tools available at Linguakit.com:

Full analysis

Verbal Conjugator
Word Frequency
Keyword In Context
Part of Speech Tagging
Syntactic Analyzer
Sentiment Analyzer
Language Identifier
Keywords Extractor
Multiword Extractor
Name Entity Recognizer

This portal has been designed in order to any person who possesses some linguistic interest can take advantages of written texts.

This platform introduces its linguistic modules by organizing them in three departments: the first one is referred to more generic aspects of the language with linguistic tools like the conjugator or translator; the second one is directed to a education's professional user, with modules as the part of speech tagging or the syntactic analyzer; and finally, a department with linguistic tools for communication and marketing professionals such as the sentiment analyzer or the keyword extractor.

Know more about each module in https://linguakit.com/about

Take advantage of this linguistic kit in your smartphone both its web or mobile version by downloading these mobile apps.

Choose from downloading this app with all the tools, or if you prefer, download an individual application for each module: summarizer, corrector, word frequency, sentiment analyzer, keyword and multiword extractor, name entity recognizer, part of speech tagging, syntactic analyzer.

Linguakit allows you to perform five daily anonymous uses, but if you register on the website, you can enjoy up to 100 free consultations per month in both its web version as in mobile applications.

For more information, comments, suggestions, etc., write to info@linguakit.com or enter Linguakit.com.

Email: info@linguakit.com

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