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Oct 10, 2020
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LoveX.2 - Game for couples GAME

Think of LoveX.2 as a friend who tries to help you improve your relationship, both in your sex life and in your daily life.

Think that he wants to help you get to know you better, to know how to make your partner happy, and of course to yourself. Sex is a good way to start since it has multiple benefits:
Rejuvenates, lengthens life, improves the physical and cardiovascular state, improves the immune system, reduces stress ... and I do not say it, the scientists say it!

The application has more than 130 challenges designed to have an unforgettable experience with your partner, as well as other games that can add a spicy touch to the relationship.

What can you lose trying? :)


LoveX: Original game of the application. They propose 2 challenges created by LoveX or sent by their users with a score, the higher the score the more daring the challenge is. There are 4 phases of 5 turns each, each phase more spicy than the previous one, with a total of 20 turns for each player. Each challenge adds points if you do it well. Get the highest score and win the game!

Roulette: Challenges at random, go from a soft challenge to a picantón at any time, for the most daring!

Tests for couples: Now you can know your partner's improvement with the tests prepared by Lovex.2. Several types of tests to know your partner in all areas, both sexual and life, perfect to get along better with her :)

Naughty actions: Give the button and let the game choose an action to be performed on a part of the body. The typical paper game, in mobile format.

Highest number: The application will give two numbers, and the one with the lowest number must remove a garment. Press the button and enjoy the views it offers;)

Other games: time bomb, eyes that do not see, 30 seconds and role-playing games. Play with your partner and make the relationship fun and spicy.

List of challenges: You can see the complete list of challenges to select the ones you like the most and play as you like.

Send challenge: Send your own challenges. If they are interesting they will be included in future updates. Surprise your partner with a challenge created by yourself!

Have fun playing! ;)
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