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Oct 21, 2021
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Magnet Brains provides 100% Free Educational Courses for School Students. All the lectures are taught by the best teachers in the industry.

Most education platforms give only the first 2 chapters for free and then ask you to upgrade to a paid subscription. At Magnet Brains, we do not sell video courses or any subscription packages.

Every month more than 50 million+ students study from the Magnet Brains YouTube Channel. A lot of the high scorers in the school exams come from Magnet Brains.

If you are studying in any Class from KG to 12th based on CBSE NCERT based curriculum, you will find video lectures for your classes.

**All Completed Courses for different Classes are shown below:

► Class 12th - Political Science, Geography, Maths, Biology, Business Studies, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, English (Literature), Accounts, Hindi (Course A & B), Sociology.

► Class 11th - Geography, Political Science, Maths, Biology, Business Studies, Sociology, Accounts, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, History, English (Literature), Hindi (Course A & B), Legal Studies.

► Class 10th - Economics, Civics, History, Geography, Maths (NCERT), Maths, English (Literature), English (Grammar), Biology, Chemistry, Hindi (Course A & B), Sanskrit, Physics , Computer Application (Code - 165), Information Technology (Code - 402), Artificial Intelligence.

► Class 9th - Geography, Economics, Civics, History, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, English (Literature), Hindi (Course A & B), Sanskrit, Artificial Intelligence.

► Class 8th - History, Geography, Civics, Hindi, Science, Maths, English (Literature), English (Grammar), General Knowledge, Sanskrit.

► Class 7th - History, Geography, Civics, Hindi, Science, Maths, English (Literature), English (Grammar).

► Class 6th - History, Geography, Civics, English (Literature), English (Grammar), Sanskrit, Hindi, Science, Maths.

► Class 5th - EVS, Maths, English (Literature), English (Grammar), EVS (Worksheet).

► Class 4th - EVS, Maths, English (Literature), English (Grammar), EVS (Worksheet).

► Class 3rd - Hindi, EVS, English (Literature), English (Grammar), English (Worksheet), Maths, Hindi (Worksheet), EVS (Worksheet).

► Class 2nd - Hindi, English (Literature), English (Grammar), Hindi (Worksheet).

► Class 1st - Hindi, English (Literature), English (Grammar), Hindi (Worksheet).

► Kindergarten - Senior Kindergarten, Multiplication Table (For Kids), Learn Name Series.

► Exemplars - Maths, Science NCERT Exemplars For Classes 6th to 12th

All courses are based on CBSE, NCERT based school curriculum.
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