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Are you a devoted fan of manga such as Naruto or One Piece? Here we provide the best applications to read manga online 24/7. Dig in to know!


A Few Opening Words

Manga, also known as Japanese comics, attracts a huge number of followers worldwide due to the diverse art styles and touching storyline. Some prominent names include Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, Death Note, etc.

If you want to devote all your free time browsing through your favorite mangas online, you cannot miss Mangalife APK for good reasons.


Why You Should Read Manga Online

If your eyes end at this post, maybe you already have the answer to yourself. 

It is a fact that manga series are often really long. For example, the well-known serial One Piece, first published in 1997, is about hundreds of chapters long. Money aside, collecting the physical copies takes a lot of space and probably will not fit in your room after a while. Thus, it makes sense to follow long-running manga series online.

However, the question of which app to read manga digitally did bother me for a while. I tried a few of apps but none of them really satisfied my demands until I came across Mangalife. Some manga enthusiasts gave it positive reviews on the forums, so I tried it out. The app surprisingly exceeded my expectations, and I have been using it from then on.

I will explain what sets the app apart from the crowd in the following part.


A Review On Mangalife

Massive library

The app provider goes great lengths to quench your thirst for mangas by offering a huge collection. There is a plethora of comics genres for you to choose, from action, romance, comedy, fantasy to webtoons and drama. Whatever your taste is, Mangalife has your favorite ones!

What I truly love about this app is the daily updates on new chapters as well as series. Imagine wake up everyday to have a thrilling manga at your fingertips. Isn’t it amazing?


No payment needed

Sometimes, you need to trade off quality for price, but Mangalife APK is a rare exception. Here, the enormous library of mangas are all free to access. Rest assured that there are no hidden costs, either.


What are hidden costs, by the way?

For your concern, some digital manga reading apps did allow users to read free of charge at first, but for some trending series, they would require you to pay a small amount of money. Frankly speaking, that made me feel deceived so I stopped using these applications. Fortunately, Mangalife APK came to save my life.


User-friendly interface

What sets Mangalife apart from other reading apps is the easy-to-navigate interface. Right from the homepage, you will see the big thumbnails of trending mangas along with the brief description. Scroll down a bit to find thousands of comics neatly categorized based on the genres, for example, adventure or action.

If you already have the comics to read in mind, then go to the Search bar and enter the title. The search engine is especially helpful and responsive, which will produce results in seconds.

When anything captures your attention, tap on it to read more description of the plot. Down below there is also info about the author and the release date of the comic.

And here is the best part! How the app arranged the chapters really deserved the loudest praise ever. It does not follow the conventional method of column listing , but row instead. That saves much time of scrolling down and finding the number of chapter you left off yesterday.

What’s more, the app allows you to read chapters or watch videos to your liking. And switching between them needs one tap only. YAY!



Few can compare to Mangalife when it comes to customization as it provides the best personalization features ever! Feel free to change the background color or adjust the reader orientation to your liking. I can sense the app provider’s effort in optimizing your reading experience, and I truly appreciate it.


Offline reading

Another feature I love is the download button, which allows you to read manga offline whenever and wherever you like. 

You know, not everyone can have access to Wi-fi all the time. Having a manga for offline reading is nothing sort of a lifesaver. Without data connection, you can still enjoy latest chapters of thrilling manga series.


Cloud Sync

One convenient thing that other reading apps tend to forget is the Cloud Sync, which allows you to sync your favorite manga to the cloud effortlessly. That way, users can read the series on multiple devices they own. Even buying a new phone will not prevent you from resuming reading your current series.


Other Features

Mangalife offers Japanese comics in English, Spanish, and French subtitles. This is great as within some apps, English is the only language available. So, my Spanish and French fellows, feel free to read mangas in your mother tongue now!

The translation is obtained from well-known sources such as  Manga reader, Manga fox, Manga Hub, Mangakakalot, Mangabird, MangaRock, Mangakiss, etc. Worry not about the subtitles being hard to understand with the experienced translators on these platforms.


Time To Read

There are plenty of great features that Mangalife APK offers, but I think above is enough for you to consider. The rest is the same amazing, and let’s discover it on your own by downloading the app right now.

The last thing to note is that Mangalife is not available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Do not worry; you can download the wonderful app here. Just follow the instructions and you shall be fine.

If you find this article useful, please give it a thumb up. Thanks for reading!

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