Application with which you will be able to tune your trumpet quickly.


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Feb 2, 2023

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Master Trumpet Tuner APP

★ Precision tool that quickly will help you tune your trumpet ★
★ Designed and tested by professional musicians ★
★ Two modes: Tuner & Pitchfork ★
★ Perfect both for professionals and amateurs ★

Master Trumpet Tuner is an easy-to-use application with which you will be able to tune your trumpet quickly.
The algorithm has been adapted to recognize sounds of trumpet most effectively. To get the best result of automatic tuning, play the sound on trumpet few times.

The application includes sets of tunes:
- Trumpet, Bb,
- Trumpet, All Types.

The application has two modes: pitchfork and tuner.

- Pitchfork
You can use pitchfork to tune your trumpet in our application – just play trumpet sound and check if your instrument is tuned properly. You can also play all sounds automatically (from lowest to highest string) and during recording – tune your trumpet.

- Tuner
If you need any help with tuning your trumpet, turn on the auto tuner. The application will recognize the sound played by you and help you tune trumpet.

- recordings of real sounds of trumpet,
- pitchfork & tuner mode,
- the ability to set different sound names: American, European and solmization,
- sets of strings characteristic for different types of trumpets,
- the ability to set the frequency of sound "a" (concert pitch) in Hz
- the ability to determine the deviation from the base frequency in cents.

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