Let your inner chef run wild as you create the perfect burgers for you to enjoy.


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Sep 15, 2023

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Mini Burgers, Cooking Games GAME

Cooking is always a great pass time and what better way to have some fun than with this mini burgers casual cooking game! Perfect for the family, let your inner chef run wild as you create the perfect masterpiece burgers for you to enjoy. Here you can easily slice up all the ingredients including lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese ready to place onto your burger before cutting your bun in half! Next you get to become the ultimate chef and prepare, roll and cook your meat patties on your own specialized oven before creating your perfect cooked food by placing all the ingredients onto your bread buns! Lastly you can easily enjoy eating all your mini burgers and savour the flavor with this fun mini burger cooking game that you and your friends will enjoy!


COOKING game fun! Slice the tomatoes into thin small slices!

CUT the lettuce into small sliced pieces for easy eating!

SLICE the cheese so it is in small thin slices ready to put on your mini burgers!

CUT the bread buns in half ready to place your ingredients on!

PREPARE the meat and roll them into balls before cooking the meat patties on a hot stove grill!

LEARN AND CREATE your mini burgers by placing the lettuce, tomato, burger meat, cheese, herbs, and sauce onto your bread bun!

KEEP your mini burgers in place by pushing a small stick through the center of them!

ENJOY eating your cooked mini burgers all up before anyone else has a chance to!
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