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1.6 · Jun 10, 2021

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Version1.6 (7)
UpdatedJun 10, 2021
DeveloperTopson Games
CategoryGames, Casual

Mosquito Simulator 2 game

Sting humans and suck their blood in the Mosquito Simulator !

Learn how it is to be a Mosquito in the new Mosquito Simulator!

Suck human blood, infect them with venom and make them ill. Be prepared to flee as soon as they are looking for the mosquito that inflicted such illnes among them!

Mosquito Simulator is a free 3D open world game where you will need skills to survive as Mosquito and sting as many humans as possible!

This Mosquito does not feed on nectar or apples, it drinks blood to survive.

Annoy humans with the mosquito sound just like the flys in the real world!

Mosquito Simulator 2 Features:
- Open World
- fascinating mosquito simulation
- Many different types of humans
- different abylits: Sting, hit and poison
- change your look and style

Become one of the most successful species of insect - a blood-sucking mosquito! Immerse yourself in the realistic life of the predatory fly in the Mosquito Simulator Version 2 !


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