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Version2.0 (2)
UpdatedApr 22, 2018
DeveloperLarsen & Toubro Ltd.,
CategoryApps, Productivity

MPOWER v2.0 App

L&T's mobile based motor starter app

The L&T MPOWER Mobile App is an Android App developed specifically for use on smart phones. This mobile app supports standalone software and with the help of it the end user can switch ON/OFF their load like, submersible pumps, industrial motors, etc. from remote location through the “MPOWER” unit which is connected along with motor starters on site. The “L&T MPOWER” Mobile App communicates with “MPOWER” device through SMS to control and monitor Motor Starters.


• Multiuser and Multi-pump interface for handling multiple pumps
• User friendly interface in English and Hindi language
• Easy registration pairing of users with “MPOWER” device
• Notifications of Pump ON/OFF, Error, Recovery and Power ON/OFF
• Pump operation command with the help of scheduled timer (Daily Timer, Timer and retentive Timer) for pre-programmed time as per needs.
• Alerts giving intimation about the fault/abnormal condition for easy diagnostic at site.

Note: This application is based on SMS; Hence Application parameters are updated with last SMS received in messenger inbox.

1. From which product revision and F/W version, MPower can be operated through Android App?
ANS: MPower can be operated through Android App from product revision R026 and firmware version v40.5. You get revision details from product label or send SMS query 13 from configured number to get firmware version.
However, upgraded version of MPower with IVRS feature can be operated through android app from product revision R000.
2. Does this APP work with iOS or with WINDOWS OS?
ANS: NO, It works only on ANDROID OS and only above Android Ver. 4.1.2.
3. What is the screen resolution needed for smart phone?
ANS: Recommended screen resolution is from 320x480 to 1080x1920 pixels.
4. In dual SIM Handset, the app does not get updated after sending command.
ANS: In case of dual SIM handset, if SIM2 is configured as master number but default message setting is for SIM1 then ensure that default message setting is changed to SIM2 for proper operation with android app.
5. Does this app. work with JIO 4G SIM in LTE network?
ANS: It is recommended, User Smart phone should have VoLTE network, if there is LTE network then he needs to upgrade the system software for VoLTE network or use any other SIM card except JIO SIM.
6. Which care should I take for dual SIM mobile handset during Master configuration?
ANS: Ensure that SIM number which will be configured as Master number is set for default messaging.
7. After installing the app, when user status is checked then role is not getting updated even though ROLE SMS is received in inbox.
ANS: During installation, app asks for certain permissions like,
Send SMS, Make phone calls, Read SMS and Modify contact.
 Ensure that permission is given to all above requirements. In some handsets (e.g.: Red MI), these requirement need to be selected from setting options like Permission.
 Even after giving permission to above requirements, if App is still not getting updated then ensure that Pump number is not blocked for receiving SMS. If yes, then unblock it.
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