With My Omnibusiness you can review your achievements and your Omnilife network


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Feb 20, 2024

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My Omnibusiness APP

Increase your productivity with My Omnibusiness by accessing information about your achievements and your Omnilife network.

As an independent distributor you can access information about your achievements, stay informed about and be in direct contact with your network.

My Omnibusiness features:

* An information board where you can find where you are on the discount scale, your personal points, group points, career level, active and inactive lines and much more.
* A bonus and contests area, where you can see the progress of the bonuses and contests you’re participating in, everybody wins coupon challenge and silver supreme challenge.
* A daily and historical calculator.
* Reports about the first line of your network, like unproductive days, bonuses progress, etc.
* The possibility to consult the catalogue of Omnilife and SEYTU products by name, price, price with discount.
* An Omnilife and personal calendar to always bring your updated business agenda with you.
* Personal retail control, for a better management of your personal sales.
* Administration of your Omnilife webpage, where you can see analytics and make changes to your profile like changing your phone or social media.
* Access to Omnilife designed content to share on your Facebook personal account.
To use the Omnilife app, your mobile phone must meet the following minimum requirements:
- An Internet connection for all devices.
- The mobile app is not optimized to run on a tablet. It will run, but the interface is not optimized for that version.

The user interface is optimized for mobile phones (Smartphones) only. English, Spanish and Portuguese.

You can get My Omnibusiness in three steps:

1. You have to be an Independent Omnilife Distributor
2. You must register at Omnilife.com to download the App at https://www.omnilife.com/appmovil/index.php?idioma=ing
3. Download the app on your respective app store (Google Play for Android or Appstore for iOS iPhone)

My Omnibusiness is the tool for the independent distributors of Omnilife.
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