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Version2.1.2 (29)
UpdatedJan 31, 2021
Developerhollyhook, adaptive music technology
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oscHook app

oscHook plots and sends OSC messages with all kind of data the phone can measure

oscHook plots device sensor measurements and sends them in form of OSC messages.

Supported are:
- light
- accelerometer
- linear acceleration
- orientation (compass)
- beacon distances
- distances to phones with activated exposure notifications
- GPS (absolute and relative to a position of your choice)
- audio SPL /maximum frequency.

It is possible to configure the OSC address names, scaling and smoothing of the data, the timing and the IP / port of the receiver.

oscHook periodically measures the all these sensor data and generates OSC messages. You can receive these OSC messages with various kinds of musical or visual performance programs, like TouchDesigner, Ableton Live (with Max for Live), Resolume Arena, Reaper, etc. There is a demo for Ableton. It shows how to receive OSC light messages and process them to control MIDI: Take it as a starting point to realize your own ideas!

The app is able to run in background, thus it can reliably generate OSC data for a long period of time. Please note that a number of permissions are required and you will be asked for it once you select a sensor.

You have questions how to use oscHook? Or how to interpret the measurements? Or cool ideas of new features? Please get in contact with us at google play or via twitter: @holllyhook (trippple L).

If you like interactive music and performance, check out our new app poseHook. Sending OSC of detected human pose in real time

Contact with us at google play or via twitter: @holllyhook (trippple L).


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