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NameLilly Tracker APK
Version6.7 (58)
UpdatedOct 04, 2021
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Period and Ovulation Tracker App

Free menstrual cycle App,ovulation calculator and period calendar with reminders

Period and Ovulation Tracker Lilly

Lilly is menstrual cycle tracker that helps you track your cycle and can reliably predict your upcoming menstruation, fertile days and ovulation. For a woman trying to conceive (TTC) we have ovulation calculator that predicts your fertile days and helps you get pregnant faster. or to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

With our period calendar app you can enter daily notes and track PMS symptoms, moods, intercourse, period flow, results of ovulation test and pregnancy test.

Lilly tracker learns from your inputs and makes better prediction of future periods and fertile windows through time, we use all up to date scientific methods available to track and plan your cycle.

Using Lilly period calendar is easy, just tap a single button once a month on first day of your period and relax. Lilly will calculate you next period day, ovulation and fertile window and send you timely reminders so you can be prepared.

What separates Lilly from others period tracker apps is women community called Girl Talk forum with thousands of members. Become a part of our supportive woman community and take control of your health, help others with your experience and get advice in time of need.

Lilly period tracker protects your most private data, the calendar can be password locked, keeping your cycle information and period notes hidden from others.

Lilly Period & Ovulation Tracker features:

- Reminders and notifications of your upcoming period, ovulation and fertile days
- Birth control pill reminder which includes pill, patch and ring contraceptive protection
- Yearly menstrual calendar with your menstrual cycle for every month of the year
- Monthly cycle calendar with your period, fertile days and ovulation day clearly marked
- PIN code privacy protection with password lock
- Basal body temperature tracker BBT with graph that helps you predict ovulation day
- Analysis of your menstrual cycle duration and period duration
- Free backup of your menstrual cycle data, when you lose or change your phone all your cycle notes and period history will be synced to new phone
- Menstrual cycle data can be easily exported as a PDF file and sent directly to your doctor on email
- Supportive women's community, Girl Talk
- Period flow tracking
- Tracking of ovulation tests
- Home screen widget with days left until your next period, so you don't have to open the app every time

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Enjoy your free Lily Period Tracker

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