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Dec 9, 2014

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Piano Tiles GAME

Piano Tiles is an addictive game where you'll have to play a piano with the rhythm of the music, not missing any notes or falling behind, because if you do you'll lose the game and your recording will stop before it's supposed to.

Your aim in Piano Tiles is to get the greatest number of points possible and keep up with the best records put in front of you. You'll have to play in your favorite category and go as fast as possible. The more points you get, the harder it'll be to follow the melody.

With eight music genres to choose from, you're sure not to get tired of playing the same songs. You'll find hundreds of different tracks that will play randomly after you choose a genre, so you can spend hours without hearing the same song twice.

Each time you break your own record, you'll move up in different rankings according to the game mode you choose. Getting to be number one will just be a matter of practice.
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