The Post-Apocalyptic Era comes. All survivors are ready for your command.


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Jan 20, 2022
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Plague Zone: Survivors GAME

The Post-Apocalyptic World: The Darkest Era!
At the beginning of this catastrophe, we could only hide and begged someone to kill these zombies and save us. We lived and counted seconds day by day. Now, after these days, we know how the zombies work. We are able to kill every zombie by ourselves. It is time to work together, to find our allies and kill all zombies, to clean this Plague Zone!

RULE NO.1: An Unbroken Shelter is your survival foundation.
1.1 Resources - We need food to feed our family, oil and metal can build constructions. Arrange relevant resources plants for self - sufficient development.
1.2 Night War - Realistic day and night simulation. Night is the best time for zombies to attack. Red alarm to fight invasion!
1.3 Exploration - Focus on the roads you have not taken. Explore the world under the fogs may gain unexpected items.

RULE NO.2: All things come from harmony and unity.
2.1 Radio - Did you receive the signal from radio? It might come from your allies.
2.2 Partner - Partners are holding shield to defend in front or shooting for support at back. Put some resources on them and you will know how strong they are.
2.3 Team - Adjust your line-up flexibly! Tank, Damage and Support Heroes are indispensable. Try to deploy them strategically.

RULE NO.3: Evolve as zombies do.
3.1 Upgrade - Collect EXP items and Materials to upgrade your Heroes and unlock more skills. They are more powerful than you think.
3.2 Armed - Everyone will have a suitable weapon. Forging exclusive weapons for Heroes is very important.
3.3 Train - Training can expertise Heroes’ skills and get combat power improved.

RULE NO.4: Human nature has been lost in this world.
4.1 Allies - Conflict between humans will deal greater loss. Find someone you can trust and survive together. It’s good for you both.
4.2 Protection - You can not always forecast every raid, better investigate nearby and turn on protection mode.
4.3 Contention - Greater risks come with greater gains. By occupying cities and gather spots can get you more resources. If you failed to occupy, read RULE NO.1 again.

Anyway, good luck my friend! Survive at any cost!

Required Device Configured:
*Version: Android 5.0 and above
*RAM: 4GB and above
*Available Storage: 1GB and above
For better game experience, please authorize relevant permissions:
*[Record Audio]: Permission for voice message recording in chat function.

* Plague Zone is available for Age 16+.
* Plague Zone is free to download and play, it contains paid content as well.

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