Samsung Expert Raw is the camera app for phones from the South Korean brand that improves the quality of photos taken and also the user experience


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Feb 20, 2023

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Samsung Expert Raw APP

The app that enhances the photos you take with your Samsung camera

If you want to make the most of all that Android has to offer and a bit more, one of the best options is to get hold of the latest phone from the Samsung Galaxy S range. The Korean company makes the most powerful devices and also has an app ecosystem thanks to the customized version of the operating system featured, which is designed for squeezing every last drop out of it.

Better photos, RAW file capture, and a better user experience

Samsung Expert Raw is an app that allows us to get better, higher-quality photos. This is achieved by enabling users to control the range of settings and parameters of mobile camera sensors. This means that those who know enough about how each of them behaves will be able to get noticeably better quality, especially in low light conditions.

Meanwhile, this app has the capacity to process RAW files that can then be worked on using tools like Adobe Lightroom. Also, interface layout has been improved vis-a-vis previous versions of its camera apps. It is now easier for users to make certain adjustments.

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