Switch your opponents with the way you choose your party, win games in the entire city.


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Dec 17, 2018
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Seçim Oyunu - Partiler Yarışıy GAME

Pick up the cars on the way to the selection with the party's election bus that you like, make a difference to your opponents on the way, collect all the cities in rally mode and TV program and win all the cities. If you wish, set up your own party!

It is a racing game with election race, eye-catching 3D graphics and original fun game mechanics. The goal in the vote is to win the selection successfully in various game modes. You can get the highest score by riding the selection bus fast in heavy traffic, overtaking without hitting other vehicles, crossing the opponent buses. Scoring successful scissors without hitting the vehicles in the traffic increases your score. Quickly press the buton and earn extra points as the opponent busses go into hitting mode. Compete in different cities of Turkey and attention in the opening game mode you have to collect the rally voters. Also go out on TV and answer reporters' questions as quickly as possible and increase your score in the whole country.

With the new update, you can add police vehicles, get different bus tickets and music on the convoy development screen, and you can now build your own party too!

Now get out of the way and win the title!

- Eye-catching 3D graphics
- 3 different vehicle controls for smooth and realistic
- Vehicle choice of 10 different parties, music and vehicle wear
- 5 different difficulty levels: difficulties according to the population of cities
- 4 game modes: Race in traffic, Rival tap-tap coverage, Attention game at rally, Answer questions on TV
- Turkish language support

- Check the traffic sensor in the traffic mode or touch your car
- Press the opposing bus as fast as possible and repeat the "yes" seal in the hood mode
- Keep the graphics flowing in the prompter in rally mode in your memory and repeat
- Answer reporters' questions promptly in TV mode

- Establishing provincial centers regularly increases your budget revenues and votes in that city
- Going to TV increases your score in all
- Increase your score more quickly to answer questions faster on TV
- If you do not rally, the election day may be a bit less than the game
- It is interesting to make rallies all over the people and get more votes
- The faster you drive, the sooner you get to the rally area, the faster you will score points without waiting.
- Passing the opponent's bus will earn extra points. Press "yes" repeatedly as fast as possible to switch.

You can contribute to the development of the Election game with your votes and comments on Google Play.
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