Sentinel Free Decentralized VPN (dVPN) APK

Privacy-first, open-source & free decentralized VPN (dVPN) accessible on the go.

Version0.4.1 (40)
UpdatedDec 13, 2020 (2 months ago)
DeveloperSentinel Foundation
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The Sentinel dVPN can prove that your browsing history and information is not being stored

The Sentinel dVPN can prove that your connection is being end to end encrypted with no exceptions

The Sentinel dVPN doesn't control and own the exit-servers that you trust to safely and securely browse the internet

Sentinel is not just a VPN, it's a 'decentralized' open-source provable VPN or a 'dVPN'. Learn more at www.sentinel.co

'Sentinel Free VPN' is a decentralized VPN (dVPN) that has access to user hosted nodes from the Sentinel Network, currently developed on top of Ethereum (on mobile) & Tendermint and Cosmos Network (on desktop).

The fact is that you can never fully trust 3rd party VPN providers as the encryption and routing protocols are not open-source or provable.

This instance of Sentinel Free VPN is not fully provable as Google Play does not expose the app checksum, however, the developers behind Sentinel assure that this application uses the same code that is transparently shown on the Sentinel GitHub.

URL: https://github.com/sentinel-official/sentinel/releases/

Note: This is an Alpha release and may have issues on some hardware models. The development team encourages you to report all issues with the VPN Android client or other issues related to OpenVPN's IPv4 and IPv6 or more.

You can also log them on https://github.com/sentinel-official/android-client-lite

Sentinel can be followed here:

Website: https://sentinel.co
Telegram (community chat): https://t.me/sentinel_co
Telegram (announcements): https://t.me/sentinel_announcements
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sentinel_co
Medium: https://medium.com/sentinel

What's New

- Fixed application crash issue on Android 6

Email: android.support@sentinel.co

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