Download, read, and parallel search a library of 6111 books


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Aug 13, 2023

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Shamela books Library APP

The Shamela library is a great library for students.
This application should work on all android devices

Needed for missions for core functionality:
To import books to use the App, you will need the All Files Access Permission. Without that permission that core function will be disabled.

This application will allow you to do the following:

1- advanced search parameters on thousands of books, categories or specific lists
Search is performed in parallel threads using synchronization and semiphores to control the process
2- You can navigate to specific pages or ones saved in your favorites.
3- The books are organized into categories you can download, delete or search by category
4- The ability to use removable storage
5- You can import new books from your personal library
6- By extending the Android views you are allowed to control font size, color, or background
7- The ability to share your reading with friends
More features are included. check the help section and email me if you need any help
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