Spyglass allows you to use your device camera to emulate a spyglass.


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Jul 14, 2019
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Spyglass allows you to see distant objects up close.

The spyglass is a mix between binoculars and telescopes. They are primarily designed for terrestrial observations.

Spyglass allows you to increase and decrease camera images very easily.

You can use the camera on your phone or tablet like telescope to locate constellations and stars. Sorry, but Spyglass can not accomplish miracles.
Are you in the field and it's hard to distinguish any bird or animal? Spyglass helps you if you can not carry the necessary equipment to observe nature. With this free app you can become an expert bird observer.

You can also use spyglass as monocular, telescope or magnifying glass.

Let your cabin boy feel pirate, but perhaps he will use it to spy the neighbors.

Spyglass, the easiest way to zoom in on people or objects. This telescope can zoom using pinch or the dedicated zoom bar.

Enjoy it.

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