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Jan 12, 2021
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Sword and Magic GAME

Sword and Magic is a 3D MMORPG that gives you total freedom to explore a vibrant fantasy world. Best of all, the world is also inhabited by hundreds of NPCs that you can interact with: some provide new missions, others will help you on your adventure and with others, you can even have romantic relationships.

When you create your character in Sword and Magic, you can choose from six different classes, along with over a hundred different abilities that you can unlock as you level up. And of course, you can also customize the look of your hero, especially as you complete levels.

The controls in Sword and Magic are perfectly adapted for touchscreens. With your left thumb, you can control your character's moves while with the right, you can activate all the skills and attacks you have available. If you want to survive the most difficult attacks, you'll need to pay close attention and learn how to dodge enemy attacks.

One of the great things about Sword and Magic is the huge variety of game modes you have to choose from. In addition to the classic adventure mode, you can explore the world however you want while you complete hundreds of missions. You can play in PvP mode where you'll fight against other players. And you even have a MOBA mode where two teams of ten players each get to battle it out.

Sword and Magic is an excellent MMORPG that not only offers tons of game modes but also has excellent graphics. It's a fun title that you can easily enjoy on your own. But it's much more addictive if you play with friends and participate in special raids to take down the most powerful bosses in the game.
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