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NameTasbeeh APK
Version1.3.6 (36)
UpdatedMar 16, 2021
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Tasbeeh Counter app

The best Tasbeeh Counter application that facilitates your chanting and prayer.

You can easily hide your rosary with the Smart Tasbeeh Counter application, which is designed exactly like the real tasbeeh. The names of Allah (c.c), the salat-ı Tefriciye, Salawat and the mobile Tasbeeh Counter rosary application that you can use for prayer records.

With the Smart Tasbeeh Counter application, you can leave your prayer halves and then continue where you left off. Even if you close the application, when you open it again, the previous reminder number is not deleted from the screen, your reminders are deleted only when the “Reset” button is pressed.

The mobile Tasbeeh Counter application gives a warning in the form of vibration during the remembrance so that you do not have to look at the phone screen during your prayer. The Smart Tasbeeh Counter application, which is designed exactly like the real tasbeeh, consists essentially of a counter, reset and save buttons.

Tasbeeh Counter application gives you real feelings of feeling. It helps you to take Tasbeeh Counter dhikr in environments where you can not carry the prayer. The Tasbeeh Counter application includes the Religious Days and Nights Calendar. You can find out about the current dates of religious days and nights such as Feast, Hijri New Year,Ramadan and Ashura Day.

✔ The reminder counter is never reset unless you press the reset button even if you close the application.
✔ You can see the dates of religious days and nights in our application.
✔ Our application has a unique, simple and stylish theme.
✔ On the screen of the zikirmatik application, there is a 3-dimensional simulation apart from other zikirmatiks.
✔ Thanks to the vibrating alerts, you can remake without looking at the screen. (The vibration can be turned on or off as required.)
✔ Just press any point on the screen to capture the 3D rosary.
✔ You can do your counting by switching to full screen mode or leaving the full screen mode.
✔ Our application provides service in approximately 4 languages.
✔ You can turn the sound of the 3D display on or off.
✔ The rosary pulling effect is exactly the real tasbih sound, so you will feel the real rosary feeling.
✔ Religious days and nights in our application are constantly updated.
✔ By downloading our other applications for free, you can reach the Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad (S.a.v).
✔ Also, following us, Prayers and Remembrance, Prayer Times, Qibla Direction Finding, Yasin-i Şerif, Quran-i Kerim, Azan Times You can also be aware of our applications.
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