GDPS Editor is an interesting mod app for Geometry Dash SubZero that lets you create new and fully customized game levels with new music and items



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Geometry Dash took the mobile gaming community by storm when they were looking for a good challenge. It was an extremely fast and complicated game with cool music where you had to jump over obstacles and enemies with a square character that moved on its own.

Now, this loyal community of players has gone one step further. GDPS Editor, or Geometry Dash Private Server Editor, is an excellent working MOD where, in addition to being able to play the SubZero version of Geometry Dash, players will be able to become editors and create their own levels.

Main features

These are the features of this Geometry Dash SubZero Mod with a level editor to create impossible levels:

  • It lets you play all levels of the classic game.
  • The player accessing the level editor will be able to change the world and physics of the game.
  • It lets you create, delete, customize, and add objects to the game.
  • Players can add their favorite songs to the game for an even more immersive experience.
  • It includes an object inserter to add custom platforms, enemies, and obstacles to the levels.
  • The physics of the game can also be modified (gravity, speed, and friction).

And everything from an easy and user-friendly interface, ideal for beginners, that offers simple controls so anyone can start creating their own videogame.