Dark night of blood! Let’s hunt as vampire in the best crafting & building games


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Vampire Craft: Dead Soul of Night GAME

Travel to dark age times - medieval Transilvania awaits for fans of crafting & building games! Become a vampire lord or vampire mistress, build your own castle from blocks and satisfy your hunger of blood in an epic, never-ending quest for survival. Only in Vampire Craft - one of the best crafting games!

Play as dark prince or dark queen of vampires
In Vampire Craft you can embody the vampire prince Todd or the vampire queen Jessica. These siblings aren’t a normal vampires, but descendants of Drac’ul, a Vampire King itself! This means they possess a several powers, that every vampire hunter is afraid of! Night vision, Dark shadows, Dead soul or Blade master are just a few of them… Find a poor soul at night, feed and gain levels to unlock new skills! Become a true lord of the blood night!

Build your own cubic castle
Transilvania has a long tradition of vampire lords - now you become one of them! Build your own cubic castle on the hill, dark tower or an entire village! Feel like a medieval city builder and use the crafting & building mode to build anything you want! Be creative - express yourself as a dark prince or dark queen of this scary land and design not only exteriors - craft new items and furnish interiors! Not many vampire games let you become an undead empire builder!

Dark night is full of terrors… Blood hunt begins!
This dark fantasy land is inhabited by many humans, who fear the undead. Prepare a ritual of the Blood Night and hunt for their blood at night! Soul caught this way fulfills your feeding frenzy and gains you experience as a vampire lord. This experience points can be later exchanged to buy new skills, which make you a better hunter! Make yourself immune to garlic and holy water and feel the inner bloodsucker in yourself! Make humans afraid of twilight!

Be prepared for castle defense...
Humans might scream in terror in a sight of vampire lord, but some of them will be brave enough to hire a vampire hunter or vampire knight! In Vampire Craft you must be prepared for castle defense any time! Jump back to crafting & building mode to fortify your cubic castle with additional dark tower or two, put a stockade, craft dead minions, set traps or one of the other elements of castle defense! Medieval building games never had so many options for customization of vampire castle in comparison to Vampire Craft!

🧛 Play as vampire prince Todd or vampire queen Jessica.
🧛 Unleash your feeding frenzy. Prepare a ritual of Night Blood and drain every dead soul.
🧛 Exchange experience points for new skills. Unlock them to become a truly scary vampire!
🧛 Build your own cubic castle, dark tower and many more structures! Crafting & building at its 🧛 best!
🧛 Huge blocky world to discover for every fan of exploration!

Don’t stop your feeding frenzy and play as a vampire prince or vampire queen in one of the newest scary games! Vampire Craft is the only game where crafting & building games meet with exploration games and adventure games. Hit the DOWNLOAD button and PLAY IT NOW!
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