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Onstream Webinars APP

Make a powerful public impression with Onstream Meetings & Webinars via your desktop or mobile.

Why Onstream Meetings & Webinars?

Easy to Use. The service is easy to use for both hosts and participants. The simple, intuitive interface makes starting and conducting a session easy – all that is needed is a web browser to join. No additional software is necessary.

Accessible. The service allow you to share your webcam, video clips, documents and whiteboard with participants, whether they are sitting at a desktop computer or on the go with a mobile device.

Cost Effective. Conduct as many sessions as you like for one low, monthly rate – regardless of duration or frequency. There are no overages to worry about.

Secure. All sessions include end-to-end, 128-bit encryption. Additional security features, such as unique participant links and password protection, can be enabled if desired.

Cloud-based. Easily set up and manage your sessions in the cloud. No hardware or software pre-installation, training or configuration is required.

Download the app or visit onstreammedia.com can get started today for free!
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