Universal Truck Simulator is the real american truck driving simulator game

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12 thg 7, 2024
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Universal Truck Simulator GAME

Universal Truck Simulator brings a real driving simulation experience to
mobile players, a game with constant feedback from all over the truck
Enjoy driving with the american truck to the new real locations that we have
incorporated into the game! The game is based on real world locations, both
american and european. Are you ready to start driving a truck in this great
trailers simulator?
The game encompasses detailed locations in Germany, featuring real truck
driving in Munich, Autobahn and Bavarian mountains.
You can also customize your big American truck in the game with the colors
and the parts you want. Design your vehicles and compete with you truck
against other players.
Main Features:
1. Large Real Locations: Detailed 3D Real world locations with landmarks
and big distance routes.
2. World Truck: Driving a European and American truck split in various axle
formations (4x2,6x2,6x4 & 8x4).
3. Trailers Game: Wide range of American trailers (box, flatbed, tanker,
cattle etc..)
4. Players Garage: Players have the ability to buy big garages to park
5. Truck Parts: All truck parts can be changed/upgraded in the game such as
the engine, gearbox, turbo, tyres, battery, etc.
6. Engine real simulator: All engines include real sounds simulator.
7. Damage System: The game features physical damage to the truck body
in the event of a driving collision. The vehicle parts have a real wear system.
8. Big Customisation: Vehicles can be fully customized, such as color, body
accessories and lights. While you are driving you will be able to see your
steering wheel and the lights on the personalized dashboard.
9. Skin Truck Maker: Players can create real custom skins for both trucks,
trailers inside the game.
10. Weather Simulator: day/night and multi weather system which includes
rain, thunder and fog.
All this and much more in this game of driving trailers to locations. Try
Universal Truck Simulator!
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