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NameGBA Emulator APK
Version6.1.2 (6)
UpdatedNov 27, 2017
DeveloperVisual Boy Advance Emulator
CategoryApps, Entertainment

Visual Boy Advance GBA Emulator App

Visual Boy Advance GBA Emulator, play GBA game on android!

Visual Boy Advance GBA Emulator is a super fast and full-featured emulator to run GameBoy Advance(GBA) games on the broadest range of Android devices, from very low-end phones to modern tablets. It emulates nearly all aspects of the real hardware correctly.


I want to make my old phone into a GBA emulator, so I need a GBA emulator app.
But when I search the market most of the emulator, found the interface is very ugly, the operation is very bad.
So I decided to develop a useful GBA emulator. So Visual Boy was born:

1. Scan GBA files on SD card automatically.
2. All the game management in the main interface, easy to operate.
3. Record the number of open operations for each game.
4. Auto save.
5. Friendly interface(Most of the emulator interface is very bad).
6. Easy to operate, when you put the GBA file into your sd card, only need to pull down the main interface to refresh, the program will help you automatically find the file, no longer have to manually find their own.

No games are included in this app and you need to obtain yours in a legal way. Place them onto your SD card, and refresh in the app.
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