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Nov 11, 2021
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Waifu Battle GAME

Fight all your opponents using waifu magic power! Join the Magical World Tournament battle and become the best waifu. Unleash sakura ninja combo using magic and collect many sexy wife super heroes costumes in this scary battle of anime girl fighting games.

The heroine, Alice want to be the best magic girl in the wife world. So she begin her ultimate adventure. One day, she is entering the Magic Kingdom final battle tournament. The participants is comes from different school and city, such as Legendary Elf Forest, Fantasy Blades Kingdom, Zombie University, Candyland Hearts, City of Wonder Night, and The Underworld.

Each high school women have different combat abilities and spells, such as fire, ice, water, earth, and wind ninja skill. There is also some waifu's spells like time and space magical skill, shadow, and special husbando. Escape with your spells on the battle in this anime battle girls fighting games!

- Play different waifu: yandara, wizard, sage, sorcerer, witch, warrior, or dead magic knight.
- Unleash wife simulator spells in the middle of fight.
- Unlock many hidden fighters through battle the tournament.
- Fight with power like sword, sakura, stick, undead, or ninja.
- Train your waifus on action laifu school simulator.
- Collect scary superhero costumes for your girls.
- The best 3D mobile fighting games!
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