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May 10, 2024
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War of AI:Survival Challenge GAME

In this world, a mysterious virus attacked the AI central system, after which the AIs controlled clones to wage war against humanity. The convenience and proliferation of AI and cloning technology once led to humanity's rapid defeat. Soon, they were driven out of the cities and onto the wilderness.

As a manager, you have accepted the dispatch from headquarters and taken over this frontline base in crisis. Despite the challenges ahead, you need to make calm decisions, strive to build and develop the base, shelter the wanderers in the wilderness, and resist wave after wave of enemy attacks.

[Construction and Development]
You can freely design and construct the base and various facilities such as cloning laboratories, drone factories, and information centers.
Training troops and researching technology are also important means to enhance your strength.

[Clones and Heroes]
Each hero has unique combat and life skills, so make effective use of their help!
Cloning and orders are also important aspects of base management.

[Combat and Alliances]
There are various mysterious monsters in the wilderness, so be cautious and bold. Not only can you revive on the spot during battles, but there will also be item drops and contests after battles!
In times of crisis, the vigilance of allies is precious. Actively participate in multiplayer real-time battles to secure more territory and resources for your alliance!
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