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Wild Bull City Attack: Bull Simulator Games

1.0 · Jun 22, 2020

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Version1.0 (20)
UpdatedJun 22, 2020
DeveloperFreaking Games
CategoryApps, Comics

Wild Bull City Attack: Bull Simulator Games app

Wreck the whole town with aggression & vengeance by creating destruction & chaos

Angry bull is ready to trample down the town in city destruction games. Wild Bull City Attack: Bull Simulator Games is about bull fighting with wild bull vs city police in and angry bull attack games. Control your fury bull and create rampage in new dazzling bull rampage game concept with bull fighting games fun. Multiple action packed game with angry bull fighting simulator game. Play this angry bull 2018, smash and attack as you feel the thrill of being a powerful beast as wild buffalo! Run around the city creating chaos. Fight for your survival and run furiously while people are attempting to reign you in. City police is ready to shoot you with sniper rifles and hunters are wants to kill wild bull. Beware and attack them before they kill your angry bull in destruction games with bull survival simulator. Be a cruel hunter and hunt down everything comes in your way in this bull hunting games.

In this bull simulator, you control an angry bull in this bustling town and look to cause maximum chaos! Its demolition and building destroy games galore as your beast seeks to go on an ultimate rampage throughout the city. Use your ultimate bull horns to ram buildings, fences and destroy vehicles. Just jump over enemy attack in realistic bull fighting game with your angry bull in best of building destruction games! Smash cars and terrorize the citizens and neighbors, fight with other street people loaded with different weapons in city destruction games. Bull simulator games were never been so thrilling. So become a wild bull in the angry bull 2018 which has fun of all! Start the wild chase of an angry bull and have a bull wild life in this buffalo sim with our Wild Bull City Attack: Bull Simulator Games. Angry bull attack has multiple rampage and chaos missions with fight against police.

In bull survival simulator play the best destruction action of bull city attack and feel the thrill in bull fighting games. Your bull revenge has been started in 3D fantasy city. Just smash down the whole town! Combine your aggression with this bull's muscular form and super power in building destroy games with the recipe of city destruction. You have to be an angry bull and make the whole people of city run for life with city destruction games. Release your inner beast and cause ultimate damage and revenge in the most modern 3D city with building destruction games. Your ultimate goal of survival is smashing and crashing in angry bull attack games.

Features of Wild Bull City Attack: Bull Simulator Games:

☛ Multiple RPG action packed bull attack missions.
☛ Amazing bull animations with 3D suburban city environment.
☛ City area to create rampage with no shortage of prey & destructible items.
☛ Beware from police gunner shooters & snipers loaded with latest weapons.
☛ Marvelous bull fighting, survival & hunting modes to choose for thrilling adventure.
☛ Bull hunting experience with rampage & bull survival tasks.

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