The most used GPS navigator by Italian hunters.


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Feb 20, 2024
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XCaccia is the most used navigator app designed for hunters in Italy. It warns you if you enter a park, if you exceed the hunting hours, it tells you the number of animals that you can collect each day according to your hunting calendar, which species you can hunt ... and if your ATC / CA has an agreement , you will have the boundaries of the wild boar areas together with all types of local areas (ZAC, reserves, districts, etc.).

It contains the hunting calendars of all the Italian regions, updated year by year, the cartography that can be downloaded on the phone to work even without GSM coverage and data traffic. the satellite maps, the ATC / CA border, the storage of the car position, the tracking of the route, the geolocalized SOS service, the booking of the selection hunt, the reporting of damage from wildlife, the reporting of ASF cases, controlled sampling and exempt species * ... and much more.

* Only in ATC, CA and affiliated regions
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