Open world game: craft items, drive cars and survive!


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Jul 5, 2021
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Zombie Craft Survival GAME

Zombie Craft Survival 3D is one of the best zombie games in the category. Survive in a dangerous world!

Collectible items are intended for the best players, as it takes a lot of effort to get them!

Use the ax to remove wood from trees, with wood you can craft items to make a fire, build houses and furniture to put inside houses!

Craft houses to protect yourself from zombies, and to store your most valuable items. If you die, the inventory items will be lost, however everything that is placed in the zombie craft survival world will remain there forever!

You can hunt animals for food and stay alive within the game. But you can also eat fruits and vegetables that will also keep you alive and healthier!

Make a fire to cook your food, to make a fire all you need is wood!

Drive at high speed with special cars that can be found throughout the game, you can run over zombies with the car!

Make negotiations, get money killing zombies, use this money to buy the items you need with characters you will encounter throughout the game.

Free First Person Shooter (FPS) game, which is also a free third person shooter (TPS) game. Change the game camera to the gameplay that is most enjoyable for you!

Top Features

✔ - Choose your favorite character to play!
✔ - The best 3d pixel weapons
✔ - Craft and Construction of items and houses
✔ - Fast cars to travel within the map
✔ - In-game trading: buy items with coins
✔ - Voxel cube graphics
✔ - Various types of zombie attack
✔ - Light game, uses little storage space on mobile
✔ - Open world game, you can do whatever you want
✔ - Hunting system, it is necessary to hunt to get food.

Zombie Craft Survival 3D is a free action adventure shooter where your objective is to survive in a dangerous world where contamination has turned everyone into zombies, the story behind the Zombie Craft world is dark and full of mysteries. Good zombie games always accompany a good story.

Being a free shooting game, you don't need to spend money to get the best game items, everything can be found, or crafted by you inside the Zombie Craft Survival world.

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